Saturday, December 10, 2011

On the 15th day of Christmas my true love gave to meeeeee

What! Only 15 days left until Christmas!??

I am thankful to have these 15 days to properly prepare for the holidays. 15 whooooole days of projects and cooking and gift wrapping and light decor...ating. I scrambled to do these things before my college finals were finished and everything was just rushed; I couldnt relax and shop for gifts when there was studying to be done. But now I've graduated as Jason says! I'm finished with the semester at least. I'd like to brag and say I got 3 A's and a B but it doesnt feel too brag-worthy.

I bought the CD called She & Him. Its Zooey Deschanel's Christmas CD. Jason is in love with her and I love Christmas music. Its nice.

I took a few pics of the kids the other morning before Sunny went to preschool. Then on a whim I ordered Christmas cards from the one hour photo lab with the impromtu photo. I am not thrilled about it all, but with my schedule lately there hasnt been time for a real photo of the 4 of us. I also feel guilty about the Christmas letter... Dont be surprised if its missing this year. Its def not printed yet or finished.
Unfortunetly I cant disguise any of it as a New Years thing and pretend I meant to send it late. This is what I deserve for making fun of everyone last year when I sent out the card the day after Thanksgiving....

The Gligs celebrated St Nicholas Day this week. I wont tell you what day we finally got around to doing it, but sometimes things get lost around here, including holidays. I love traditions, especially ones that matter to people close to me. Who am I kidding, I just happen to enjoy this one because it doesnt cost much of my money or time and it made my kid very happy. I posted the videos on my FB page of Sunny confused, wondering why I made her clean her shoes before bed, yet pleasantly surprised to have chocolate in the morning, or at all.

Besides all that- I made fudge tonight! Did Christmas shopping with my kids and husband! Did grocery shopping with my kids and husband! I unfurled 6 wreaths to decorate- wow, nothing worse than unfurling fake wreaths. I made a paper bow I saw from Pinterest- it sucked. Gonna put it on one of my brothers' gifts.

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Amanda said...

I've got something for you to add to your list :) Send me that pic of my new little family! :) I'm waiting to see it!