Saturday, January 14, 2012

There is FIRST a Wife & a Husband

& if they're not happy, the family cant function properly. Being an amazing parent is great, but its not enough....

Jason and I enjoyed Date 1 [of many to come] yesterday. He told me earlier in the week to make myself available Friday afternoon for a home-date. A date at home of some sort, when the kids were napping, that he was taking care of it completely. He said to wear a bikini and I laughed.

Sure enough, when he came home from work he was busy for about 20 minutes running around the house preparing for our date. Then he came and got me, and asked where was my bikini? I felt ridiculous putting it on, but he put on his boardies as well and we walked outside to the deck.

Leading from the gate up to the deck and to my date-surprise were pink rose petals! lol! Last time I saw anything like that was at our wedding- nice touch. The petals led to a new lounge chair and a cooler full of icey Coronas and limes. I got to lay in the sun and tan(in January!), on a Friday afternoon after watching the kids and studying all day, and enjoy a beer. For an hour. The kids got the memo.

The date was awesome & such an easy way to relax with Jason and have down time- most down time is when the kids are asleep and we clean or something else productive. This hour was very productive though! For us!

Now its my turn to surprise him next week and I've got something fun in mind!


Amanda said...

LOVE this! I think Jason and Matt should have a heart to heart if you catch my drift!

Denise Punger MD IBCLC said...

Our house didn't burn down with the pit fire.