Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Girl & Her Front Door

Is it considered a DIY project if I bought the door and had it professionally installed? Yes! If I picked up a piece of sandpaper, smeared on an smudge of primer, painted even one streak of paint, or even stepped foot into a Home Depot, its DIY.
I did all those things, of course, over a period of a few days. I had sandpaper and a sander at home, bought grey tinted primer, and slick black door & trim gel paint.... I went all out and thought I did this correctly, but I didnt buy a new paintbrush since I had one. Mistake #1.

I sand and primed the door that Jason set on his ping pong table. The ping pong table is such a heaping pile of crap that it is secretly my outside project table. He hasnt mentioned the paint blots all over it... It just blends into the crappiness of it all. So I sanded and primed and painted one side of the door, with love <3 All through the night (which means until after 7p some time but before 730p)

I taped the glass, primed and painted the frame... I even resanded the paint-brush side and rolled it with a tiny foam roller my dad bought me. Both sides were finished and pottery barn-black. Except the outside-side has brush strokes from my old paintbrush. I've sinced tossed that brush and wonder if I'll ever reuse a brush again.... So Mistake #1 was my only mistake, thankfully. It looks fine though.

 & I donated my orange/red door to my friend Tonya, who's house is now a tropical Hawaiian inspired paradise. And we now share front door keys  ;)

When driving upon our house, dont be fooled- it looks as if a couple professors live here now, but its still just us. MMMMmmmm black front door. I love you.

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