Sunday, August 5, 2012


Entertaining me this week is an exam that forces me to cover a range of subjects I havent glanced at since the 5th grade. "Plate tectonics" literally havent crossed my mind in decades. Until today. Another new front runner on the frontal lobe of my brain (the frontal lobe of my brain has, in fact, been on my mind for a year now) are clouds. How cute? I thought the duodenum of the small intestine was important until I realized today I must also know the different types of clouds for my exam on Tuesday. While we had breakie on the river as a family, I pointed out to my kids the different types of clouds, as they all seemed to be accounted for up there today.
I am taking the TEAS test Tuesday; its an entrance exam to get into nursing school. I will publicly announce in 8-10 weeks whether or not I will bum around for another year or start the nursing program in January. Kidding. Kidding about the "bum" part. I have plenty to do.
I will remember this about plate tectonics: there are 3 kinds. Oh, and the 3 kinds are transform, divergent, convergent. And something to do with continental drift, which is also cute since Sunny and I saw Ice Age: Continental Drift last night at the theater. I will ace this one question out of a thousand. Plate tectonics. Maybe it will only ask me to spell it properly. I will fail.

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