Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sweet Sweet Life

Remember this photo? 

It seemed useless for the longest time, those 2 beds. Actually, Sunny slept in one and the other bed was great for potty training in the night- if she peed the bed we'd change her and throw her into the other, to deal with the pee-bed in the morning. And if she peed that one then... no, she never peed again in the night. (ps- this was my trick to train through the night- let her pee! She eventually quit and it didnt really put me out because I had the 2 beds)

I didnt want this to be a potty training post. Its a Congrats Lockie! post. He is on his 3rd week in that bed and Jason and I are besides ourselves (beside each other?) with excitement. It took a week of structured bedtimes in that room for him to 'get' it and he enjoys the freedom. Him and Sunny still give me the run-around for up to 45 minutes some nights, asking for milk, for me to sing, for me to put the music on, for me to get Lachlan out of Sunnys bed, and to break up a fight... But most nights they talk and sing back and forth and she comforts him. She tells him to get into his bed. She encourages him. She does what we as parents normally do. She's doing part of our job! And she's doing it willingly, and for free! And they both like it!

We are firm believers in sibling cosleeping. Not that we need Sunny to take over our responsibilities, but when all Lachlan wants in the night is to not be alone in a crib in a cold quiet room, his sister does the trick.

My favorite reaction lately is to this arrangement (everyone is over the shock of toddler breastfeeding). Most people have been to my house, but they're still concerned its a 'space' issue, as in, "Dont you have an extra room he can have?" And we do. Plenty of rooms. But none for him. Those rooms are freed up for other things and the babies sleep in the nursery, together. Its a sweet life when you've got your sibling by your side.

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Micah said...

We are building a house with plenty of room and rooms, but my boys are gonna "share" no ifs, ands, buts about it!