Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Turning 30 Will Not Only Turn You Older It Will Also Turn You Into A Hippie

I am feeling like a real hippie today. Maybe this is what turning 30 has done to me? One day in and I am a hippie.

I am sick. Yes, on my 30th birthday I was sick and I'm worse today. Thankfully I wasnt sick over the weekend for my party, so I'm not overly upset. When I have a weekend like I did 4 days ago I tend to get sick. I lower my defenses for fun, no sleep, alcohol, and crawfish and this is what happens.

Normal medicine is helping me through my pain, my symptoms. Advil Cold & Sinus and nose spray. But what is curing my cold? What is killing the virus? Well, nothing. Working on that...

My normal ways to get over a cold quicker are still in place- Juice Plus pills as soon as I feel a cold coming, and juicing at home, specifically green juice. I have green juice every day, but over the weekend I was in Okeechobee so I had none. Boo. Zinc lozenges havent really affected me, I've tried them in the past and cant say I've noticed a difference (Cold-eeez is the brand name? There are others) I try to prevent sickness, thats why I drink green juice- has tons of Vitamin C and D.

This morning I am at my worst. I am pausing every few words to blow my nose, sneeze.... ugh..... My face and nose and eyes are so dry and painful from using tissues for days. These are my problems. My friend Sara is sick too and we are texting weird remedies we have read about. Here are a few things I've learned from my friends, parents, health care workers sisters, etc  ;)

Onions- sliced up a huge one and its on my counter in the kitchen. I'm assuming it is smelling up the entire house, but since only the toddlers are home, I have no idea how bad it is. I am closing my eyes and hovering inches from these beasts, inhaling breaths into the deepest darkest sickest inch of my lungs then slowly breathing out. You know how they make yours eyes run with tears? This is what its doing to my sinuses. Good visual? I plan to put slices in my socks to sleep tonight as well. I know, I am being crazy. Maybe I am delirious as well, but when you are SICK and expected to take care of yourself and two other humans (lets face it, 3 humans, must include my husband too) you do anything and everything thats ever worked for even one other person in the world. Maybe it will work for you too.

Coconut oil- I am rubbing it all over my face. My eyes, nose, mouth. The kleenex tissues are soaking up all moisture from my skin. Tissues are on my face 23 hours a day. I dont know what else to do. The oil feels nice, seems to be helping. I also had a tip to use fresh aloe cut from my plant for my eyelids.... Havent had the energy to go out gardening. I could have Jase do it when he gets home.

Cinnamon and honey- drinking that mixed with tea now. Just finished it in fact. It was tasty. I concentrated all 3 of those ingredients so I didnt have to drink much. I don't particularly like hot tea, but it was fine. 

I also cooked homemade soup. I had leftover carrots, corn, and onions from the crawfish boil over the weekend. I had good intentions of juicing celery and other fresh juice for the broth, yet I have none of those ingredients. So MSG bouillon was all I had. All that plus pasta made for a bitchin' soup-- it tasted Cajun from the crawfish! Wow, talk about yummy. Even the kids scarfed it, and it was spicy!

I wish I had someone to cook the soup for me, rub the oil on my face, and place onion slices in my socks. mmmmmmm that would be nice. This blogging is the only thing I will do today, besides drink more tea, blow my nose, and feed the kids cookies. Send me your remedies. I am dying.

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brooke rains said...

I use Elderberry extract when I am sick. Take it 4 times a day. You can buy it at CVS in the cold remedy section. I swear it helps. Plus fresh fruit for vitamins a, c, and e.