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Sunny says, "Lachlan, you're a genius!"
He does something neat, Sunny says, "You really impressed me Lachlan!"

They have been playing well together. And teaming up at bedtime for a revolt against the king and queen Glig which involves lots of door opening, staying up for an extra hour messing around, and needing the bedtime tuck-in routine at least 7 times. Each night before I go to bed I have to push their bedroom door open just enough to squeeze in- they have a slumber party on the other side and the door hardly opens. They are both on top of their comforters sleeping together amongst their blankies and Lambies and pillows.So cute and so annoying. But what am I to do besides toss them both into bed....

Lachlan is attempting to says words finally.
Sunny is a gymnast. She is being recruited up to Advanced Gymnastics for her age group after only 6 months or so.


I had finals all week and the my first clinical semester is OVER. I am surprised I got high grades at all since quiet study time is hard to come around in this noisy house that's full of clean laundry and dirty dishes. And also dirty laundry and clean dishes...

One of my finals was pass/fail, in the lab. We had to do a series of practical nursing scenarios, I wont bore you with the details. I didnt do well. I passed, but only to meet some quota or something. I dont think they wanted me to have to do it again. The instructor was ALL OVER ME on each step. In the end, I had to print my name and sign it. She said I print my name wrong. I write my name wrong. I cant even write my own name. Isnt it up to me how I write it? Perhaps I should go back to kindergarten.... 

I had a clinical evaluation right before my 2nd exam. I was told many things, a few haunting ones being I am "passive aggressive", "you have a chip on your shoulder", and "you need to follow the rules and like it".
Now, I dont know the full extent of what some of those terms even imply, but it didnt feel good. Keep inside a box and like it? Stop beating to my own drum (she did say this)? These sounded like direct attacks on my personality and sorry lady, but I refuse. I will get through school, I will do as they ask (I have been! I promise!) but dont think you're suppressing me! Anyways... I lashed out with a few of my own,

"Is this a psych consult?"
"Dont worry, it will never leave here," I replied pointing to my head when the professor said she would not write the comments into my permenent record.
"I do not think I am smarter than everyone else!"
"I respect the process. I respect the school," uh really, I had to say this?

"I am aloud to be bored," I replied. This was the biggest issue. Once she smashed my terrible personality to bits she went on to spin the negative traits into something positive. (By the way, everyone else's evals' were uneventful and cheery). My whole life people have thought I can be unapproachable, stuck up, or other unfriendly things, but thats not the case. Just because I'm not fake and bubbly when it seems appropriate doesn't mean much. My prof took the liberty to interpret my boredness as lack of caring and better than everyone else.

My mom says these things are exactly how I am like my dad.

So... The Professor said she was 'forbidding' me to come to the same hospital again this next semester. It was too slow. My 'talents' would be better off at Holmes', a hospital that is fast paced and more challenging. Even though my psych consult seemed demeaning, I respect my professor and have full intentions of going to Holmes' now. Apparently it'll be worth the longer drive.


Jason calls and says this to me, "I got fired today. And also hired." This was also moments before my last final exam. I couldnt catch a break this week. Back to Jase:

Basically, I dont know how much of the situation I am aloud to announce to the internet. So I wont. But things are happening and we are excited. Nervous about change when there's a mortgage to pay and I'm in the middle of school, kind-of not wanting stress about how I'm not generating a huge income, but generally excited about whats next. We'll see.


We are:

 I am ETSYing more at this point in the year than I was last year at this time. My mom is my partner; she is sewing like crazy------>

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