Saturday, May 25, 2013

Whirlwind Weekend

Was it a vacation? Or just a dream of craziness.... 4 toddlers ages three and under, no dads, two moms.

I took the little Gliggies to Jupiter for the weekend to stay with Jenalee. Our husbands were on separate boy-trips involving beer and camaraderie and I think there was some golfing and fishing in there somewhere. We were sister-wiving it, because whats better than one mom parenting these screamers than two moms dividing and conquering? That's right: three wives. So Tara was there Friday witnessing the madness, Hollis Saturday-Sunday, and Jenny Saturday afternoon.
Here is the Fun Mom bringing in goodies
We insisted to the non-moms [yet] that this chaos wasn't born overnight, it took years for the kids to trap us in this never ending scenario. It was fruitless- I don't think our friends will ever have kids now that they saw what they saw this past weekend.

My kids were thrilled to have new toys. Lachlan was thrilled to have someone smaller than him that would take all the elders aggression for a change (sorry Coop). There was swimming, shopping, Playmobil land, playgrounds, naps, snacks snacks snacks... And then more swimming. So much swimming in fact that Sunny had no choice but to learn to do it on her own or risk possible unsupervised sinking.

I didn't have a moment to think about how long Jason would be gone. I took a detour when I left Jupiter and ended up in Okeechobee :)  I spent the afternoon on my parents deck with my brothers and their families, something they do ALL THE TIME it seems but I live too far away to participate in these impromptu parties. We were in fact celebrating my sister in law Amanda's 31st  birthday. Sunny decorated her cake.

I took the kids home around their bedtime, hoping for some peace on the drive home. Lachlan DID scream for too long of a period of time, and the reason it bothered me is because he was upset about leaving his Papa... Ugh, it was just heartbreaking. I calmed him with stories of being reunited with his daddy soon. I woke them up at home for baths since they were covered in sand, bug spray, and sunscreen, and they were PISSED! Cried the entire bathtime. I didn't let that deter me, their father would've caved, but I kept at it until every inch of them was scrubbed and every hair silky. Jammies and bedtime went off without a hitch and I didn't hear a peep until 730a. I should wear them out more often.

Before I realized it, I was back home in Sebastian living the good life: sewing, studying, cleaning. It begins again. 

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