Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'd Like to take Some Sick Days Now Please

My job refuses to give me sick days off. "Job" being Lachlan and Sunny. I went to class Monday night, skipped Tuesday, skipped Wednesday (my first test was that night...), and I guess I have to go tonight. I have my first test in there too, but luckily the prof. drops one test at the end of the semester. I have to go to figure out how his tests are like. But I plan to completely bomb it. I cant study. I cant keep my eyes open, hot sick tears are streaming out of them.

Jason had a weird 3 day flu as well. This house is still a wreck- all we did was sit on the couches and watch our little rascals play on the floor. Never have we needed more help, but didnt want my parents to come over or they'd get sick, too. Its my dad and his twin sisters 60th birthday today- Aunt Janet just flew into town so they were too busy to get sick! We just dealt with it. Sickily. And moaning to each other, "Will we ever feel normal again?"

I begged to feel normal, even insisting if I felt just an hour of normal I'd do the dishes or cook dinner happily. I still am sick. And Jason's off to work with some drugs in his pocket, hoping nothing gets in his way of a huge day of work. I have a huge day too. Speaking of... I have to get these screamers dressed. Ugh.

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Amanda said...

mmhmmm, gonna get your flu shot next year!?! It only takes once to get the flu and the brief 2 seconds of pain, and possibly a sore arm is WELL worth it! ;)