Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Funday

I woke up at 6:15a to a shrill alarm clock. Hello new phone that my bro Matt gave me. Comes with an annoying time to wake up. After that, I was thinking too much to drift back off. Coffee time.
The family slept in- we'd had a "late night" at meme's then we drove home. Kids were knackered.

Finally Lachlan woke up and him and I played in the living room. A giant spider sat on the ceiling high above us and I didnt freak out. Assumed he'd leave the same way he came in. He had 7 legs.

I watched GMA and played with my new phone. I "wiped" it clean of Matts info and I have no ones numbers..... A lightening fast spider scurried across the floor between Lachlan and myself. It was missing a leg. I couldnt believe after deciding this spiders fate, being nice and all, he decided to taunt me! I smashed him with a Fisher Price book.

Sunny and Jase made their appearance. Since she's been up she's worn 3 outfits, is wearing her 3rd pair of panties, and has had 2 baths.... Its still morning.

Its New Toy Day! The kids all got new toys. From the attic. I switched our box of toys out with all the little toys laying around and put all the big things in the attic. Other big things came out of the attic. Its like Christmas around here. New Toy Day should be every weekend- it gave me and Jase a chance to clean.

We had a fun Saturday at moms house celebrating my dad and Aunt Janet's 60th birthdays. Jason and I felt so sick all week that we werent going to chance having a hangover Sunday morning. We didnt drink and we drove home to our comfy beds. It was worth it! One more weekend day of 'relaxing' at home (really we are cleaning, rearranging furniture, hanging things on the walls, baby proofing more, cleaning the windows and sills and screens, etcetcetc) and we should be good to go come Monday.

Lachlan turned 6mo old over the weekend. We lowered his crib mattress to the bottom to celebrate. I dont remember Sunny's Lowering of the Crib to be such a pain in the ass. Took some time. He can sit up now from laying down and its only a matter of time before he leaned over the crib railing and spilled out onto the floor. I wasnt taking chances this time. I am ahead of you, boy!

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Paisley said...

i can't believe the number of outfits and baths in one morning! Is this what I have to look forward to?! hahaha