Sunday, September 4, 2011

Chomping Necklace

Chomping necklace- a cute fabric necklace worn around the
mom's neck for her baby to chew on while he's being held.

My first day wearing this out, three older ladies surrounded me gushing over my handmade necklace. Then when they found out it was for Lachlan, they thought I was so creative and "on to something"... Lol. Obviously these necklaces are all over ETSY and I wanted to make one for my little Teether since it is so simple. I made it in less than an hour. Maybe a 1/2 hour. The final product is at the bottom of this post if you'd like to scroll to it first to get an idea of what I'm making.

Instead of using one fabric for both sides I used 2 coordinating fabrics. Cut each one 5in x90in (I changed this number from 54 inches to 90 after some reflection. I'd seen tutorials that said 54, but I didnt have 54 when I cut my fabrics, I had 45. So I sewed two 45's together and ended up with 90. Which I liked since there was a lot of length for error and creativity....)  4 inches will work as well, if you dont have 5- there was lots of wastage there.  

I used my serger for this since it makes perfect non-bunched up seams. Sew RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER around 3 sides, leaving one of the 2 small ends open, unsewn. I sew'd off (wtf) a good inch on the final long side. I think it was too wide for my beads. It needs just enough room for a bead to go into...
Read on before sewing so you know what I'm talking about....

Finishing my  3rd side- see how nice the serger cuts and sews at the same time?

Now turn your necklace inside out. It looks like a tube snake!

It's time for your wooden beads. I found these on ETSY. 10 is all you need.

The necklace starts with a knot. Tie one around 10 inches (I just guessed this... no need to get your panties in a wad over it, just tie a knot somewhere) from the end with the sewn seam (leaving the open end of the snake OPEN to throw your wooden beads in to). Then add a bead. Then tie a knot. Then add a bead.... etc

The necklace ends with another knot after the last bead it put in. I made sure when tying the knots that the fabric was snug around the bead. I didnt lave any space for the bead to move up and down the necklace...

Now here is where you can get creative. I did not. On ETSY the chomping necklaces have cute matching ribbon to tie around your neck. I didnt have the time or the care to make it that pretty. I already have this length of fabric at the end so I used that:

I cut my fabric down the middle with no rhyme or reason.

Then chopped off one of the sides close to the knot.

I call the tied part around my neck shabby chic. Simple- Lachlan doesnt seem to mind, either:

I have another 10 beads that are cuboidal. Haha, thats a word from my Anatomy & Physiology class. I dont know if I can refer to beads that way or if its just a cellular term. But I figured the edges on the cubes would be nice to chomp on. My next necklace will probably have a black theme...

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Paisley said...

LOVE this chompy necklace!! i want one even tho natalie won't give a crap about it! lol