Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Can't Even Work Out

Not that I'm thrilled to go to the gym anyways, but now I cant even do that. Without feeling tremendous guilt. Not mommy-guilt. Nicotine baby absorption guilt.

I pranced into the gym today with Lachlan in my arms after just dropping his sister off at school. I was in charge of half of my usual amount of rugrats and feeling good. Until I opened the gym daycare door. I thought I just walked into a cheap bar. And the barmaid was sitting in the rocking chair, arms open to accept my child. It smelled like stale ciggie smoke! I thought a toddler was actually lighting one up it was so strong.

I set Lachlan in an Exersaucer as far away from last nights barmaid as possible. And I left, hoping the other girl in charge would take care of him... As I walked on my treadmill I could see in the windows of the daycare so I watched. And I watched Smokey pick him up! And he cried and cried. He snuggled his clean little baby face into her smelly clothes and fussed. I couldnt take it. I hopped right off the 'mill and went in there. Said, "Something came up." Grabbed him and bolted. I hadnt even walked a half mile....

I almost cried. I wanted to talk to the management but she was busy. I stood there awkwardly then left. But I am not through. I know the owner and my kids will never go when that lady is there again. Its called 3rd hand smoke (smoke that lingers on clothes, skin, and hair) and kids who are around it have nicotine in their little tiny developing baby bodies.

This is a daycare at a gym. Who goes to gyms? Health conscious people. Do you think we smoke? No. This to me in unbelievable. It makes me sick. I am doing something about it.

Other than that, I'm cool  :)


Amanda said...

Tell us how it turns out!

Hollis said...

Gross!! Good thing you picked Lachy up when you did. He might have picked up a habit from Smokey Girl.

Paisley said...

omg, now you have some solid research to prove how harmful that 3rd hand smoke is to little babies! I hope you march right up to the management and inform them of the dangers / risks!