Monday, August 29, 2011

An August Update

We had one busy week to start our fall semester, end of summer, beginning of the seasons (yayayayayay!)- whatever you kids are calling it these days. To celebrate Jason and I opened a bottle of wine Friday evening. We hope having two sips then tossing it wasnt a sign of shitty things to come.

If you've tried texting and calling my cell phone lately, please dont think I'm ignoring you again.

Sunny lost my phone. I actually misplaced it, but toddlers are always stealing my things and hiding them in one of their zillion purses, play kitchen ovens, or in a general inaccessible small sticky place. My phone is gone, and I dont really care since it's not an EVO. How really has it enhanced my life? You're right, it hasnt. It only embarrasses me. I have no motivation to excavate my SUV and find it. Call my house.

I am studying to be a lactation consultant which means clinical hours during the days (at odd, unpredictable times), mother to mother support group meetings to attend (for more clinical hours) that are located in various points across Florida, nowhere near Sebastian so the kids and I are now gas guzzling road warriers. Each night of the week I have courses at IRSC. I enjoy the peace and quiet and my own radio stations (without a screamer in the backseat saying "No song! No song!" I think she hates my taste), talking with adults (actually they're all 19 its depressing. I think some of them were born in the 90s. I thought those kids were still in preschool), and having my oatmeal mushy brain stimulated. I dont even need parenthesis to emphasis this one. I sing ABCs all day. Point out colors. And wipe you know whats. Anything is considered stimulating outside this home. I'm reading, highlighting, and memorizing/learning things. I love it.

Jason's on dad-duty, which he's obviously on all the time, but this time it includes exclusive rights to the dishwasher and kitchen, kids meals, baths, and bedtimes. When I get home the house is clean and quiet. Its nice. He's working longer days but usually less days since I'm getting hours for my certification. "Work smarter, not harder" he says. I think thats relevant in this situation. He's training a new guy. He's still tweaking his golf swings ("How many tweaks do you have to go until you've got it?" He said it never ends. Now there's a sport that motivates you...). And he has something very exciting coming up that he's never done before over Labor Day weekend...

Sunny is in school. A 2 year old program with about 5 kids in it. So far the only thing I am sure that they do is serve goldfish for snack, as that is all she'll talk about. I did pick her up last week and she cried when she saw me. Not tears of happiness, they were "No go home!" tears. So she's gonna be a nerd. Sunny's potty training still. Her and Jason went to the store yesterday in panties. Yes, Jason, too. His exact words before leaving the house were "I dont care about a little piss." As if our baby girl does that. I bet you're thinking I have a good pee-in-the-aisle story. I dont. She came home dry.

Lachlan is adorable, of course. He cries when I leave the room. Cries when he's put down. Cries when Sunny looks left at him and def when she comes near him. But other than all that crying he's happy...happy to be in your eyesight and especially in your arms. Or on your boobs. And by "your" I mean "mine". He's had a stuffy nose for 2 weeks now, but he's not sick. He snores, snorts, sniffs, and sneezes (I wasnt going for alliteration but that worked out). I thought teething, then was told maybe allergies? A nurse today told me to stop feeding him any baby food, his body isnt ready. He was getting a half jar a day... That was for fun. But I guess we're done now. He weighs 17.01 pounds; I weighed him today. He was 16.08lbs last Monday, so I know if you can do simple math that it means he almost gained a pound in one week. He's no newborn, so this is quite an accomplishment. I'd like to thank my breastmilk (I dont consider a half jar of babyfood to be substantial enough for that weight gain). Here is a lovely picture I took of him today. I didnt even post it to FB; I kept it just for us on here:

Oh, and he's sitting up now. Until Sunny pushes him over ever so sneakily with her feet.

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