Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Day in our Current [Glig] Life

My day begins with nursing Lachlan and myself back to sleep in my bed whenever he decides he's tired of being a big boy in his own bed (between 3a-6a)
Jason leaves us by 730a to get Sunny out of bed; Lachlan and I get more sleep together.
I make my coffee and watch GMA.
I clean the kitchen and make Jasons lunch.
He leaves.

The kids and I play. Go to my gym. Or their gym. Or the library. Or have a mommy come over or vise versa.
We eat lunch at 1130.
Kids both go to sleep at noon.
I could do the following: clean. learn German. blog.
I do the following: sleep. surf internet. watch TV.

They wake up; we play and watch the clock and call daddy to find out exactly where he is.
He comes home.
We play with daddy while mommy does stuff.
I make dinner and I'm currently trying to push it back later in the day.
We eat dinner.
We now kill time because we ate dinner too early.
We hang out on the deck. Water plants. Talk about the grass.

We do bathtime.
They both bathe together.
We do jammie time.
We cuddle in mommys bed with Sesame Street.
Sunny drinks milk and clutches her 2 Lambies. They were a trio but we've weaned her to 2.
Sunny kisses and hugs everyone then asks to go to her bed by 8p. This is her new later bedtime.

I put her to bed. She doesnt make a peep. We are at least doing one thing right.
I warm up Lachlans bottle. A big one.
He eats it happily and falls asleep by 830.
If he is still awake after finishing the bottle, we nurse.
He goes to his crib in the living room at 9.

I notice Jason. We talk about our steam cleaner, money, weed eaters, and how the rain made us happier we've been in a long time since it will make our yard green and we dont have to manually water. We discuss our health insurance, the kids health insurance, the dogs health insurance, breastfeeding, college, the weekend, TiVo, America's Got Talent, his boss, gas prices, Wallstreet, and Lambie. We are sleeping before 11. And by that I mean at 9.

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