Sunday, August 21, 2011

Best Din Din Ever

Maybe, but it was def one of our favorite salads. And I stole it from CPK where Jenalee and I eat the crap out of it. Dont deviate from the ingredients cuz I dont wanna hear how it didt turn out. You have to buy alllll the stuff for sauces... Its worth it every time. Ok- I do deviate. I dont add cilantro. I did brown sugar instead of white. I crisp up my own wontons by throwing the wrappers into a thin layer of hot canola oil. I use leftover chicken from tacos, which were leftover from a roasted chicken! Hmm.... I used cashews instead of peanuts. I use a salad bag of cabbage (usually for coleslaw) which knocks out the 2 cabbages and carrots that it calls for. And I didnt have all the right vinegars. I think I used apple cider and white. Dont let all this blabbing about ingredients deter you, its yummy and easy. Its a salad, a whole meal.

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