Tuesday, August 23, 2011


No longer will I have to make stories out of nothing, fill my blog with the hours of my day that were void of any activity where I'd write about a funny thing Sunnylee did to make it sound like my day was interesting. Now the Gligs are actually doing stuff! Everyone but Lachlan. Lachlan is still just chilling, being carted here and there and everywhere, just happy to be nursed in between it all.

I was that mom today. I dropped off my child, on her first day of preschool, late. And not 5 minutes late. 30 minutes late. As soon as I walked into her room I told her teacher that I wouldnt be late again. Why do we moms say these things? Of course I'll be late again. And why did I admit to her that I lived off the same street as the school, then she'll really think I'm a slacker the multiple times that I'm late? I will try not to be so late. Getting gas, attempting to get coffee, and the health department will no longer be apart of our Tues/Thurs morning routine like it was today.

An afterthought: I made a new years resolution to not procrastinate. And proving how non-procrastinating I can be, I will begin my new years resolution early. Now.

After dropping off Sunny I went straight to McDonalds for a hazelnut latte. I was out of coffee creamer today and remember thinking, "I will just get coffee on my way to do 3,000 errands before Sunny's school starts at 930a...." Dunkin Donuts must have been offering free 'holes; when I pulled into the lot people were punching and fighting at the doors, spilling out onto the sidewalk. I didnt bother, not even when my head said, "You deserve this coffee". Yes, I did deserve it. But that didnt mean this momma was gonna get it.

My McDonalds coffee and I [and Lachlan, damn sometimes its as if he's not even there, but he is, usually staring at you as well trying to get your attention so he can flash his gummy grin at you] went to the river where the old people park to die. I mean, to look at the water together as they hold hands. On all sides of me were Oldsmobiles and Cadillacs, full of the elderly. But I was happy in my serenity. I finally had coffee and peace. Lachlan was sleeping and I finally turned my brain off for an hour. Then we went for a walk in the stroller. Completely relaxed. Not once did I wonder what Sunny was doing [screaming]. Not my problem from 930-noon. On Tues/Thurs. I just thought of being on that water. On a boat. Alone. With Lachlan, obviously.

Later in the day....

I went to school. After coming home from picking up Sunny, having lunch, putting the babies to bed, followed by more peace in quiet, I just couldnt believe my good fortune when 15 minutes after the kids woke up and Jason returned home I was hopping into the car, a car riddled with goldfish and socks and diapers, alone once more. Really alone this time.

I got to talk on the phone without Twinkle Twinkle playing in the background or Sunny asking repeatedly who was on the phone. I drove non-dangerously because I wasnt scared that someone was gonna wake up and melt down that they were in the exact seat they fell sleep in. I went to class and stimulated my brain listening to a lecture on Nutrition. There were big words I didnt know. And I didnt have to sing a song to learn it. It was wonderful.

When I got home Jason and I scarfed down a meal at a decent adult hour, not 2 hours after lunch and snack when the kids get hungry. Jason mowed the lawn, I did baths, and then we were in bed. What seemed like a long day flew by and I am in the BEST mood about Tuesday. I like this being busy thing. For now. Until I dont wanna be busy anymore. Remind me of this most mid-semester. Or next week.

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