Sunday, August 21, 2011

UnLazy Sunday

Props to my husby Jason for weedwacking and mowing the lawn in the past without complaining as much as I did today when I weedwacked the yard. I thought I looked cool with our new [borrowed from mom and dad] gas weedwacker, tackling the grass like a man would. 20 minutes later, I set it down and I cant even lift my arms anymore. Much less a baby. Sorry Lachlan. I even gave several of my nice plants a haircut on accident and dammit! now I cant bitch at Jason when he does that, too.
I continued the whining about how sore I was for the remainder of my Sunday afternoon, even making the chore an excuse to kick the Gligs out of the house and snooze in the recliner like a man would as well. With my pants off. Watching golf. Ok, those last things were made up, but inspired by my husband.

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