Sunday, January 19, 2014

3rd Note

1000 steps in the Dandenong Mountains. 1000 muscles are hurting on my body. Meghan lied to me, she said it would take 20 minutes. Before dinner we rush down there to "do it real quick". 20 minutes later I wasnt even halfway up. I was on the side of the trail with my heart beating out of my chest in agony. The steep path even leading UP TO the 1000 steps was already out of my league. I'm a Florida girl! The only elevation we have are speed bumps in the road. This was tough. I retract my "I've been running so I'm kind of in shape" I said to her prior to the workout.

But it was gorgeous. And I think I will do it again tonight (I did).

The kids take a trip into town. The carseats came from the airport Sunday, but they were so filthy, from me not cleaning them- not from the flight, Spasco & Michaela pressure washed them. Then the covers had to dry in the sun for days and days... I asked her what she thought of the carseats dirty condition, she said she didnt want to talk about it. Lol. It was something I was supposed to do before leaving but didnt have the time.

Back to the trip into town, we are going to Bunnings, Australias version of Home Depot. But Spasco says the kids will not be happy there so we'll need to stop at the toy store first. I said fine, you can spoil them however you want to, as long as there's no more chocolate. They're to pick out 1 toy. They didnt. There were many, many toys that left the store with us. Ánd Bunnings was super exciting anyways- check out these little shopping carts!

The kids helped plant flowers. Sunny was way into it before she saw all the worms and rolly pollys. A friend of the family is staying here named Julia. She has been a nanny in the past and she said it was so nice to be around such "lovely children". She was talking about my kids! Can you believe it? So sweet ;)

We've been doing normal family things- shopping, swimming at the neighborhood pool, etc etc. Julia helps me with the kids. She's amazing, talks to Sunny about pretty things & pink stuff, great with those 2 kids. They sleep hard during their daytime nap, which i attribute partially to jetleg, partially to being flat worn out by 1p.

Mom says "You're talking like them again" and I know what she means. Its a way of talking to make sure everyone is understanding you while you're in their county. I cant tell you what I do, but I think it has something to do with enunciating different syllables and especially there is some end-of-sentence stuff going on.

My brother Matt went and had his baby while I was gone. He's freaking cute as hell and doenst have a name that I know of. I'm buying him lots of cute Aussie things.

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