Sunday, January 19, 2014

First Days

Jason's mom Michaela feeds us the moment we walk through the door. Every meal is a feast! Their house is like a hotel, there are obscure family members coming and going, flying into town and back out again. Its never empty and there is always someone to talk to, to have a coffee with, etc.

Meghan has a pet bunny who runs loose in the backyard. The kids chase it around and I wonder one day if it will just be gone... escaped from the madness. Yesterday Lachlan woke up sick. I went into town and spent 20 minutes deciphering their children's meds section for something remotely targeting his symptoms. Obviously they had what I was looking for, but with different names, different labels and brands and laws for kids' meds, it just took time to sift through it all... I refrained from buying all the children's clothing for this season at a couple shops. Their style is perfect! I will take photos of what I had to walk passed for fear of spending all my vacation money on clothes... I will be back their soon. Ready to buy, haha

Meghan and I went to St Kilda yesterday. We had a blast drinking $9 draft beers and catching up with friends. Apparently, the old Noosa crew of 2008 meet up often and plan an American trip including hitting up Okeechobee. This cracks me up. They then begin Googling Okeechobee and all its wonder. We compare alligators to their crocodiles. They say they want to live in "Kiss-i-me" and I am laughing.

We made plans to do more things later on in the week. I am just content to not be studying any longer.
PS- I got B's in both nursing classes.

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