Sunday, January 19, 2014

Good Bye 2013

As most of you could tell, and perhaps heard me complain about, our beach houses in Phillip Island didnt have WiFi. I will not go into spoiled-girl details about how this inconvenienced me. I will just say it was inconvenient. I may or may not have ran up a few peoples cell phone costs. Oops. Bill me.

Besides not bumming around on Facebook, I did manage to have a good time. Lots of cool playgrounds, one very nice beach (luckily that was the one at our place, walking distance), good food and especially good friends. And alcohol!

New Years Eve was the best night. I have included one terrible photo below. There are more, but I dont know if I can post them- they really are pretty bad. Did we all look that bad? I thought we were rockin' it. After 2 drinks we all deluded ourselves that we were toasted enough to make the living room the dance floor and proceeded to dance until 2a. Of course we actually got toasted within those hours.

One highlight was before the dance off (at one point we held an imaginary jump rope and everyone did a little awkward jig, danced in then out of the rope lol) was at the round table. We went through all 10ish or so of us and we each said what our resolutions were. Lame, right, but no, it never is. In the moment it feels intense and REAL. These resolutions for 2014 will come true! Because we said them aloud! Mine was to graduate and sort my life out. Vague, but compartmentalized neatly in my mind.

Had sneaky fun that night ;)

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