Sunday, January 19, 2014

Almost Christmas

Too busy to write! Actually I've just been napping when the kids nap and falling asleep reading books at bedtime with them. The life of a bored person! Love it! I read "The Book Thief" & started on "Where'd you go, Bernadette?"

We've been doing a lot of Christmas shopping. The mall is way too close to the house. I just finished up getting everyone's gifts and we're still in the middle of Christmas projects including more garland making, Santa letter sending, wrapping with a million ribbons, and baking cookies with different "hundreds and thousands"... Know what those are? Its so cute- that's what they call sprinkles!

Michaela made an amazing dinner last night that I had to stop myself from eating because we girls were headed to "the cinema" immediately afterwards. We saw American Hustlers and loved it (ok, Michaela hated it). I made the girl behind the counter put 5 extra scoops of ice into my coke. Which only made the ice fill the cup halfway. Apparently they're doing me a favor with less ice since that equals more coke. But more warm coke doesnt do it for me..... #americangirlproblems

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