Sunday, January 19, 2014

Tahune Forest

The Tahune Forest is just amazing. I was pretty worried about the lack of civilization and had made up my  mind the first night that I could not explore these woods alone. It was too quite and lonely. That night at the hostel as I layed in my room alone (outside down a cold hallway was my room- not attached to the common room like everyone else) I downloaded a nightlight app. It stayed on all night.

But then the sun came up and there was new hope for the day. After having coffee any day starts to look good. And then at the visitors center, people began showing up. It didnt seem so lonely anymore. I booked a couple different tours for later in the day then proceeded to probably lay my Tasmania map on the dining room table and research routes and where I wanted to drive in 2 days time. I posted my Selfies from these walks later that day. I did end up wandering off on my own and enjoyed it immensely. 

A family from Perth arrives on my first full day. Young parents with a 4, 9, and 13 year old. They teach me the ways of a childhood card game called Spoons and we play deep into the night. I somehow misjudged this forest and its lack of supplies, like alcohol. So the next day when the family comes in saturated and cold while I sit cozily in front of a roaring fire I built in the den, and they ask me or TELL me I'm going with them into town and cave diving, I say I will, because I need alcohol for tonights Spoons match.

I buy an amazing jacket that I will never wear when I leave this damp rainy cold summer climate- all my future vacations will need to include my jacket. The theme of my future vacations will be cold and wet, perhaps snowy.

I discover I like caves. I will perhaps research where they are in America and visit there.

The dad in this family I'm with goes with me in search of beer. One town is so small we cant find any. We ask someone who lives and works there where we can buy alcohol. She has to ask someone. We wonder if the town is dry or perhaps they brew their own at home. We'll never know, but we find out they sell it at an RSL (hmmm... equivalent to a Moose Lodge here in America).

The family has lots of food and they cook it all that night since its their last just like mine. They feed me haloumi cheese and now I'm sad I have no idea how to find this cheese in America. 

After a riveting Spoons game and several drinks, its dark and late and cold and we think thats the perfect time to go for a walk in the forest to the end of the cantilever. We grab flashlights and spend an hour wandering around 30 meters above the treetops looking for velociraptors.

Swing bridges quickly become my favorite

Boardwalks leave less of a carbon footprint I'm told
meandering down long boardwalk pathways through the woods

I think the family took me here to kill me and leave me in this cave behind me
A family adopts me at the hostel and takes me cave diving. I buy a new warm jacket. I do not care for this picture, but the background was super cool. I discover I like caves.

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