Sunday, January 19, 2014

No WiFi

Sneaking omas data minutes off her iPhone. Yes I said minutes. Time warp. And no wifi at our beach house. Some holiday house this is, this &()(//& wouldn't fly in America lol... Not a big deal I guess

We are beaching, checking out the wildlife, and personally I am reading and sleeping a lot. I know you can sleep and read anywhere. But I'm not anywhere. I'm sleeping and reading in Australia. Opa said I can do that for I am a "holiday maker".

Our beach house is amazing and a few steps from the roaring ocean. The kids love playing in the rock pools, but the water is frigid. We aren't in Florida anymore. I am enjoying some of the alone time I get with these 2 kids, on our adventures. Yesterday Opa didn't think I could handle a little penguin expedition down the street. I reminded him I flew the kids out here alone didn't I?

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