Sunday, January 19, 2014

Left on Red

Everyone left me at the house today for boring things like work. I decided it was time to start driving again. I've done this both times I was in Australia before... & I safely got us to the park. The only problem I had was the speed limit. There are speed cameras everywhere, you can just get a ticket in the mail 3 days from now and not even realize you were speeding. Kilometers per hour vary quicker than MPH, I could see as I watched the odometer constantly.

The park was quiet and breezy. We had a little picnic and explored. There were some good sticks Lachlan collected- we are going to do a project with them.

Then we saw the ducks. We fed them the rest of our crackers. It entertained the kids for at least 20 minutes. Sunny was pleading to take home the "tiny baby one" and said she'd put it in the wading pool out back in the Gligs yard.

Edit: After I wrote this post I learned you actually cant always turn left on red. 

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