Sunday, January 19, 2014

Launceston, Tasmania

Some Dutch girls last night were impersonating fellow travelers' countries: when they got to Americans, "just drink a lot, and be very rowdy"... nailed it.

This town is kind of cute. Has character. From what I've seen, which isn't much. I arrived around 8p last night to this hostel. Feeling lonely honestly... I cannot get my SIM card to work, meaning I can't call my kids :( But it's a new day, I'm out of bed before 7 because some chicks iPhone alarm went off... I was fine with leaving our room since what I could only imagine was a massive dude had snuck into the room and slept under my bunk based on the snoring that woke me all night. When I hopped down from the top bunk and saw a girl there, well, I wanted to inform her to always sleep alone.

So, new day. Going to get into my rental car and take a cruise south, because getting colder is obviously what I want to do... You know how it's summer on this side of the equator? Officially, it is. Unofficially they need to talk to Florida about what it means to be hot and summery.... I've stopped checking the weather. Basically it's in the 50s. And if there's sunshine they call that a warm day. Even if it's 50. Guess I can be hot when I come home (although I see you Floridians are having cooler weather right now).

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