Thursday, June 30, 2011

germany day 11

location: berlin/florida

sunny and lachys baby beds in berlin, so cute!

 dad changes lachlan before heading to the berlin craphole airport:

a hasty retreat from the hotel room! i rearranged the contents of our luggage in the most haphazard way. it wasnt possible to be organized. things just had to fit somewhere. too many gifts and souvenirs. we got picked up. taken through the city the 'back way' since the highway was blocked with traffic. checked in and then started getting bitchy about how the flight attendants were attending to us first and foremost because we had small children. some of it was actually warranted.

jason and i had a discussion about what we would change about this trip. i mentioned going alone, just me and him so we only had to be concerned about each other. he said he'd change nothing but staying in that hostel. agreed. but i informed him he would worry about the children a lot more if only he wasnt a man (i edited this to tone it down a notch). moms worry- we are the ones who give birth, nurse the babies, become stay at home moms... in our family, i am the one who is MORE responsible for the kids; its like 60/40 here in our house. jason works, i mean, what else can we do to shift the balance? he's pretty damn good at being 1/2 of this parenting team, but there's no worrying going on. i wanted the kids to be warm, clean, happy, safe, well rested, fed, etc. he does too, but if they arent, then he's not too concerned about it... so, ya, i wish next time to leave those worries behind.

overall it was the best vacay we've had as a family. my parents agree! i like knowing i can drag my babies all over the city. checked that box. now i'm thinking about our next holiday together and i can already see us beside a lake, relaxing, fishing... not dodging traffic and fighting crowds. i need a holiday from our holiday.

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