Monday, June 27, 2011

germany day 8

location munich, supposed to be austria

horrible start to the day. only good things were that i escaped to our attic room for a solid 6 hours of sleep (thats good for a night here ive realized) and the kids slept through everything happening in our hotel room. the boys stayed out too late, snored too loud, and kept my mom awake and worried all night long.
when momma aint happy....

jason ruined his entire day being hungover, im not sure his first day back in munich was worth it after that. we canceled our Austria train trip and instead walked the streets here. it was worth it, there are lots of boutiques and markets (but im sad to say i didnt buy the little things i wanted when i saw them and now i havent been back and we're leaving...). we stayed nearby so sunny even got her nap back in the room, it was 3 hours! even she's worn out.

lachlan took up rent in the ergo carrier brooke lent me. he sleeps there, plays there, sightsees... then he sat in sunnys umbrella stroller for 2 hours taking in the city. didnt sleep or make a noise. he is so good its creepy. it was cold, he was bundled:

my favorite store was a baby boutique. i couldve spent thousands in there. i bought a german scrapbook for photos. *just ordered close to 400 photos for this album- my meaningful special souvenir.

we went to the english garden with the chinese tower. something famous, you can google it. we sat in that beer garden with jasons cricket club mates. had a great time but we had to get the kids home for bed. a taxi home and back was the quickest way to move around. its usually the subway and trams, but there wasnt time for that. we splashed water on those kids in the hostel sink, threw them in jammies, and stuffed one full of milk before jumping back in a taxi to the beer garden. cruising fast through the city streets--- i felt a little bit rockstar-ish at that point.

it was our first night out alone, me and jase! loved it. didnt have to worry about who was tired or cranky or hungry or lost... just us two on the town. after the beer garden we took a mate of his to an irish pub, had mcdonalds on the way (it was getting late, needed refueling) and taxi'd home once more... and it was early, about 1a. i havent said a sentence like that in a long time. it doesnt get dark until 10p so 1a is different here.

i am hastely writing this while nursing, bouncing a baby on my leg, in a dingy hostel. the writing is bad, grammar is bad, and there arent posted photos to back up my stories, but this is what i can do right now.... when i get home, sleep for 8 days, then get back to normal, i'll fix things.

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