Tuesday, June 21, 2011

germany day 4

location: berlin

ive had better mornings. after a long night out in the city 7a came too early. i vaguely recalled kebabs, a pub crawl slash miles and miles of walking, a taxi home, and then sitting at our apartment eating a midnight snack and forcing jason to stay on the couch to sleep since i knew he would snore that night. i woke up to him and sunny in my bed, unsure when thez got there.

i missed a run with my dad and went back to sleep until 10.

jasons family came for breakie.

then we went on a tour of a different part of the city. it was awesome, lots to see and do. heres where michael jackson dangled his baby off the balcony:

heres the government house where hitler was in charge. a swastika (sp) flag used to hang down one entire side.
sunny sat in her 1980s pram and screamed it out. she was being a real.... finally jason made her lay down and we had quiet for 2 hours.

we sat at a 'beach', with sunny snoozing away, had coctails.... it was amazing, felt like i was finally on vacay. a relaxing beach vacay

oh this is sunny sitting way away from us sleeping while we enjoyed ourselves!

lachy waits nicely for a train. he likes berlin.

after our big day as tourists we are finally home and relaxing. i refuse to take the kids out tonight (no one here understands my kids schedule, which is very loose by the way. they wanna be out at all hours, during naps, etc.) opting instead to sacrifice my night and stay home with them while everyone goes to dinner at 730p. i am tired anyways. im thinking of devouring this motz pizza we have in the oven with some coke, give the kids a warm bath, and snuggle in bed together for an early bedtime. lame for a holiday right? no, its not. its needed.

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