Wednesday, June 29, 2011

germany day 9

location: munich

my feet hurt. not like, ow i'm a wimp and the muscles are sore. but 'ow i've got cuts on my feet and somethings wrong with the bottom of leftie'. we went on this hike yesterday that was described as a nice walk beforehand. i wore jeans and flipflops and donned my children. wrong wrong wrong
thankfully before we began jason had the idea to send mom and sunny up the mountain on the bus, the other option to get to the top. but me and jason, lachlan, jasons mom and cousins trekked through mud and rocks and roots and 200 old rickety stairs and even some nice grass at one point for over an hour to reach a monastary on the top of a mountain. that has a beer garden of course.

i felt accomplished though. and it was in the shade of a forest. and lachlan slept the entire time. when we pulled him out of his ergo carrier that jason wore he was a sweaty hot mess. but still sleeping. and sunny had made it to the top with meme and was also sleeping when we arrived. sometimes it is easy with those two. but like jason and i discussed on the way up, the challenges you face traveling presently are no longer the same as the challenges you faced while backpacking when we were younger. now there are little things that you are responsible for, little people things. and challenges are now problems....

so we sat at the beer garden for HOURS. his family members just kept showing up! bearing gifts! that i am now lugging around, lol. his family is very generous, very family orientated, and im lucky to be apart of it. i ate a small portion of an embarrassingly huge meal. i waited in line with the rest of the beer gardeners for pork and sourkrout and potato salad and the thing theyre most famous for, a foot long pretzel with a weird delicious cream cheese dip....

we managed to take public transport back home and settle the kids before heading out to dinner once more, again, me and jason were alone. we didnt leave until about 9 when my parents got back from whatever they were doing. they like to go out early so we left and had a late dinner.
we met with jasons mom, cousin sascha and susie, and saschas wife christine. we ate at a yummy pakistani restarant, currys and naan type bread and taziki... and jugs and jugs of red wine that the owner kept sending over. jason knew everyone in munich... (picture from christine on FB)

then it was all over. i went upstairs to crash, with michaela, with the kiddos. so so tired that night.

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