Monday, June 27, 2011

germany day 7

location: munich

so yah, sunny woke up crying at 330a for an hour. woke up her brother. we had to leave the apartment by 620a for a flight... i was shattered most of the day. but we were in munich, so i couldnt write myself off completely.

getting out of berlin was uneventful. taxi. plane. train. 3 hours. if you can do all that minus a nights sleep. i can, ive seen it this trip.

then the moment of truth, the hostel condition. a popular one in munich, euro youth hostel. jason was in charge of our accomodations here and he knows the owner. the place was free. i was scared and we talked about this a lot before we flew over. its a hole. nice enough for myself. while backpacking. alone. if i dont want to feel clean. or happy. not good enough for me with 2 babies. i could only give jason so much shit about it. done and dusted as he would say. pictures of this hovel later. *here's a shot of a nice flat bed we are supposed to sleep in. its broken.

we went to one of jasons favorite beer breweries, augustiner, had his favorite meal. the mood was amazing, atmosphere very fun and energetic. beer halls are loud and busy, huge heavy tables, everythings made of wood, liters of beer are sloshing all over the place, hearty meals are being devoured. each meal ive eaten i plan to recreate back home. it cant be too hard. meat and potatoes, gravy, schnizels, and other things that i cant spell correctly. or pronounce.

our first beer garden was awesome as well. there was an indoor play area for the kids! a ballpit and a crat table with glue and scissors and fuzzy poms to stick on their paper... sunny was in there for hours. there is also an outdoor playground. we had lots of sunny-free time, she just wanted to be alone and climb and try to talk to the little germans. i guess if you are trying to get the business of parents then play areas are the way to go! jason said he never noticed one playground in all his years living here....

sunnys trying out her german here with the locals:
that night me and jase and my parents went exploring downtown. we saw a lively street with old buildings that had heaps of character. i got good photos there (and at one point we thought dad lost that camera and i was devo'd. alls good though). we ate doner (sp?) kebabs and went to another beer garden. each of these places, all 3 days worth, we met jasons friends, mates from the cricket club he was in, or a family member.

that night was the first night in munich and couldve been my last if i had any say. obviously im glad i stuck around but never has the quote 'what happens in munich stays in munich' rang so true to me. that quote is not funny, theres a reason for it, and it means business. the boys had too much fun, my mom was up all night worried, and the kids had to listen to jason snore so loud i dont know how they slept through anything.... made for a stressful next day.

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