Wednesday, June 29, 2011

the home life day 1 of many

location: sebastian!!!
my kids are in heaven, home heaven!

we landed yesterday after a long 10 hour flight where sunny and lachlan were super flying-kids. no fussing, no breadowns, just totally dealt with it. dealt with it better than their parents! i was getting pushy with the flight attendants about the baby bassinet we are supposed to have (and got) and jason skipped 800 people in line at customs without a second thought, banging into them with our pushcarts full of luggage along the way. we were just done!
we battled the crowd at immigration, baggage, and customs only to make it outside and realize we forgot lachlans carseat in bulky luggage... my parents, kids and i left jason to figure it out while we went to the sheraton to pick up our cars. i was surprisingly calm as i sat in my car after a long day, after my parents settled me and the kids and headed home, alone and unsure when jason would make an appearence. we didnt have our cell phones on the trip so we were totally disconnected. i felt safe in the cocoon of my car.
he came, we strapped in lachy, and cruised into the traffic and rain; sunnylee sleeping since picking up the car- she snoozed the entire way home, a total of 3 hours.

once home i woke her, jason and i excidedly showed her the house, her toyroom, her comfy bed. she was so sweet and shy and also happy. jason and i were psyched about our nicely mowed lawn that was lush and green, our beautiful flowers, and the spotless house. we had  house guests while we were gone, a total of 8 people had come and gone, and we were pleasently surprised with their respect to our home  :)

sunny ate quietly, tolerated a bath, and layed in our bed in jammies to watch Sesame Street finally after 2 weeks. schedules and routines here we come! we also bathed the airplane/germany crud off lachy and tossed him in a gown next to his sister. life was back to normal for the gligs which was most apparent when i simply took sunny to bed and she gladly snuggled in, i swaddled lachy and he dozed off in his bed, and jason and i quietly layed in our bed. it was early, 9p, it was silent, we were alone, and we werent affecting anyones nightly plans but our own... we are home.

luckily sunny slept passed 4a, lachy passed 5a. pretty good for being jet lagged. naps will be early and we are shooting for 8p bedtimes. everyone is happy, clean, healthy, and traveled :)

remaining germany blogs comig soon! still typing one handed....!

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****update: its been confirmed that oscar, brooke and/or beau do not mow lawns. it is NOT confirmed who in the neighborhood does