Saturday, June 18, 2011

See Ya Sebastian

We are leaving this town for the city; we will be Berliners for the next week and a half. Or Muenchen-ites... Germans. I would love to blog while overseas, which is always fun and new, but I wont be bringing a laptop. With the kids' endless things I've had to pack, my laptop just isnt worth it. New priorities. But someone will have a computer I can borrow to say "Whats up!" or "Was macht du?" which doesnt translate to whats up but thats all I got. It means What are you doing? hehe

But dont even think about robbing our home while we're gone cuz the Holts are in the Glig House! Maybe she can blog for me while I'm gone. The house is very inspirational.


1 comment:

brooke holt said...

Yes, hacking your blog account was my number one priority and I will turn it into The Holt Life.