Sunday, June 26, 2011

germany day 6

location berlin

thursday shopping. we were city rats for the day. mom did this funny thing with sunny in her stroller in the subway... instead of smoothly gliding the stroller onto the escalator, which youre not aloud to do but we do it because its easy right, mom gets sunny on it, then procedes to NOT get on herself in a panic. while still holding sunny... made for a large scene of yelling Get On! in between the stroller hitting every step, sunny bouncing around. once she got on we  all laughed and are still teasing her about it.

this bridge was covered with locks. i wish i had one to add to it.

traveling by tram. or train. or a subway. they were all the same to me. lachy liked to lay and have a stretch in between being Ergo-carried.

mom stayed home with kids that evening. i was sick of bringing them out. too much fussiness... im in need of a nanny.
went out at night with jason, dad and michaela. drank and traveled far and wide for thai food. ate a spicy spicy curry that i worried would bother lachlan, it was hot! he was fine.

went to a mexican joint that night with the rest of his moms fam. that was interesting, mexican in berlin. we didnt eat, but the nachos looked normal. the drinks were strong. and the convo was in german, but hilarious all the same. you get it, when you're right in there...

had i known how the kids were gonna be that night i never wouldve gone out, opting to sleep instead....

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