Tuesday, June 21, 2011

germany day 3

location: berlin

the germans do good italian.

we got home from dinner and instantly threw sunny into her crib.
she went to sleep instantly. we werent far behind; after nursing lachlan on the couch i fell asleep too, left him with my parents and followed jason to the bedroom we share with our kiddos. mom plopped lachy into his crib not long after, wrapped tight into his swaddle.

the only incident was a wide awake sunnylee around midnight. poor little thing tried and tried to fall asleep with us, back in her bed, and she was so quiet, she just couldnt fall asleep. she knew she should be sleepy but it wasnt happening. after watching weird german dancing on tv and eating a midnight snack with jase in the living room, they all came back to bed again.

no one woke up again until 6a. lachy started grunting for milk. i think he got the memo sometime between miami and berlin about the time change. he is on top of his shit!

We did a touristy bus tour. it took us by lots of historic places, restaurants, and shops. the tour guide wasnt very funny or witty or any of those things. in NYC they are all of those things. but anyways.

we walked around the city heaps. lachlan was always right there with me in the ergo carrier. it was cold, in the 60s and 50s, windy, so him and i were cozy this way. socks, knit hat... glad it wasnt hot.

we went shopping, walked around another borough of town for a few hours with the fam, always guided by Rico, and then... mom and dad and oma took the kids home! me and rico and jason stayed out until all hours of the night up to no good.

ps. you can drink in the streets!

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Sophie said...

Looks like your very first "Wegbier". :D