Wednesday, June 22, 2011

germany day 5

location: berlin

Happy birthday to sunnylee! we had a fun time with our little girl, lunch at a very nice italian place followed by coffee and cake at the family garden.

sunny says- 'i went for a walk to start mz birthday with meme and papa. we went to a park that had a zoo. i pushed my stroller with my baby in it, if i poked my head through like this i could see!'

'here i am stuffing my face. i did it all day long. cake and chocolate and sweets... i dirtied up my new birthday shirt real good!'

'at the Bernardos garden i swam in a pool. i was naked all afternoon. thats how birthdays should be is what my momma said.'

'my own cake! i didnt like the taste, didnt eat it. but i did blow out some candles on it'

'I know how old i am. we bought 3 of these balloons today. one flattened and one blew away once we got back to our flat. it was in papas hand and then it flew off. i screamed and cried, we watched it float over the city. my mom took me immediately to the mall to get another. she bought it specially for me and we needed another...'

mom bought her the cutest european shoes for her birthday, that double as hand me downs for lachlan, gotta think ahead....:

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