Sunday, May 6, 2012

2 Days Prior to Juice Week!

Two days before The Fast begins. Friday May 4th.

As with everyone's juice-fast crazed ideas, ours began with that documentary on Netflix with some Aussie guy who was too fat, too sick, and almost dead or something like that. Jason had the video going and I joined and enjoyed it with him. Seemed like if these guys could do it then so could we!

Jason and I are overweight, but not morbidly so. Enough that if we take control of the situation now then we wont have such a huge problem later. Jason's never dieted and he's excited. Or curious. I am looking forward to the energy and 'reboot' of my system (no more cravings, please! and I'd like to stay awake passed 8p). I'm also training for a half marathon with my dad and I thought a juice fast would help-- I'm not training yet! But after this is all said and done. I wont be exercising too much these next 2 weeks... or maybe I will. Who knows. But the extra weight needs to GO before I begin hard core running again-- wouldnt wanna do a knee or anything.

My friend Tangie also lent me her awesome expensive looking juicer months ago and I didnt realize what a goldmine I'd been sitting on. We really only decided to do this fast since we already had the juicer. I probably wouldn't have been aloud to go buy one!!

Today is a Friday. I have prepared a little bit for Sunday's juicing. Bought insulated to-go thermos's with an icey center to keep a drink cold when leaving the house (Jasons juices). I also bought a pitcher and the kids' a weeks worth of easy-to-make food so I wont have to cook them a dinner I cant have.

I know this will suck. Jason knows this will suck. We might not make it through the first few hard days.You'll have to keep reading to see what we accomplished  :)  I've figured out how to do video blogs and I plan to record ourselves each night for fun. To see how crabby we are. Or happy and energized.

Today was my last cup of coffee. I posted that to FB and everyone thought I was pregnant. I'm sure I'll have headaches and tummy aches from an overload of veggies. My body will be like, WTF!? But then it will be like, Yah! And then it'll be like.... why are you writing like this?

I'm down to savoring each sip of milk and every bite of oatmeal since I wont be having these extravagant foods for awhile. I do not plan to overly indulge today or tomorrow, but I do plan to savor. We will enjoy a nice dinner out Saturday night. The last supper.

My compost pile will reap the benefits of our juice fast. I hope my kids enjoy the juice too! Looking forward to putting away all kitchen crap, not cooking or doing many dishes, and laying off completely, obviously, sweets, fast food, and alcohol.

I'm happy to have my BFF as my accomplice. Hope he's ready!

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