Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Beginning of Summer 2012

 I had a lot of outdoor photos to post, but my kids were naked in all of them. Even the most tasteful "grape leaf" covering the parts was not tasteful enough for an online blog that anyone can read. I will just have to clothe my kids more often. I'll paint a picture of my inappropriate pictures: Imagine our deck - a kiddie pool under the shade of our oak tree, a slide that I rigged next to it so the kids fly naked into the water, and my lounge chair nearby in the sun so I can get a tan and watch the entire thing. Periodically the kids think they're being naughty by coming over to where I'm tanning and pour water onto my legs from their buckets. Its a good afternoon.

 Insert redneck comment here.
Or a quote for Lachlan, who clearly is trying to relay a message to his parents.

He eats with a spoon. Sometimes it gets into his mouth.

Something happened here. Still trying to figure it out 

She wanted a photo taken. Fake smile.

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