Monday, May 28, 2012

Good Free Fun

The kids were nervous at first, when we arrived to the beach. With a hurricane far out at sea, the waves were bigger than we'd ever seen them and louder, too. Lachlan cried. But as they realized their daddy and I werent scared, they started to relax, enjoy themselves even. They had the comfort of a shady tent by mommy which had food and drinks, and daddy built a wall of sand around them to protect them from the incoming tide. Until the tide took it away. Good free fun.
I helped out an elderly lady who was soaked by a freak wave nearby. No one else got wet but her. We moved her towel to drier land and she asked if my kids were twins. We get that often, not that its obvious from the picture below-- Sunny's closer to the lens and thus looks bigger. In reality, Lachlan is creeping up to her height, the only thing different from her currently. They've been in the same diapers for 6mo (if Sunny wears one), same size pants/jammies/tops. The 'twins' comments are yet to come, I'm sure.

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