Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Night

I had a revelation on the way home from seeing Jena's awesome blonde baby. There was this song singing... "What do you stand for?" and of my things I stand for, number one is my husband. I stand for him and all else follows. The kids are next, along with things like education, breastfeeding, health, morality. Starting this post off on the deep end.

So I get home and scarf dinner in the 10 minutes I have left with the kids before their bedtime. I nurse nurse nurse Lachlan. We put the kids to bed. We never heard a peep from them. This isnt always unusual, just a surprise we thought of later after we hadnt heard them in awhile.

Then as I checked my ETSY site, FB, and emails, Jason says he's gonna walk to a bar nearby. Totally within 10 minutes, the walk. Something we used to do in Australia so this doesnt completely blow my mind. Then he says he'll take his bike. Anyways, I'm ignoring him. Nodding along. But then he goes! And I am so content to find myself blogging here, looking forward to my evening alone with Hulu on TV watching any series I feel like, and relaxing after a massive day. And my husband? He's enjoying himself, knowing his wife doesnt care that he's out having innocent fun (talking shit to friends, playing darts, etc etc), and NOT DRIVING. I swear, thats my only issue with going out. I want to be secured in this house, locked in, all doors and garage shut/locked, and know that there's no way Jason can get into trouble. And since Jason knows that, he finds his ways around it. By taking a bike. Locking us in. Then I'm happy as Larry.

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