Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 3. There is actually a Day 3.

I thought for sure I'd give up today. But something inside me (caffeine) kept going. Happily, even. When Jason got home from golfing we had a nice chilled melon juice out on the deck while the kids played in the pool (just a kiddie pool, nothing crazzzy but I did put our slide on the side and now its a Glig Water Park). Then for dinner we each had a giant green juice. I put it in tumblers with fresh limes on top and we walked the neighborhood like we had cocktails in our hands. It had the right effect- thats what we miss, the routine of eating and drinking. The routine of walking the neighborhood drunk, lol. I'm kidding. Sort of.

I didnt mention that I lost 4lbs the first day. Water weight. Who knows what I've lost by now. We will wait til Friday to weigh ourselves again. Looking forward to that bonus.

We're still going strong (minus my coffee. I wonder if I'll have it tomorrow? Probably if I get a headache I will. If not, then maybe not....). 4-6 oclock pretty much sucks. We're HUNGRY. But then we're not. We're actually never hungry. We crave food though. How is it that we used to (and will in the future, like, Saturday) shove food in our mouths ever few hours and still be ravenous? Its funny to think about because we're now drinking practically nothing and not hungry. Just a thought. We should fast more often.

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