Thursday, May 10, 2012

We're Done!

Fast is over. And we had delish potato and kale soup last night. Well worth it. I lost 8lbs overall and Jason-- ?? He's yet to weigh himself. We felt healthy and light while on the fast but now its kind of yucky to feel any amount of fullness. We wanted to detox for up to 10 days, depending on how we felt. And we were both over it yesterday. Something we'll do once a year? Perhaps. Give our bodies a break. Now its on to the next phase- clean healthy eating. No fast food. Eating from home. More whole foods, less processed. And running. I'm going to the Rock n Roll Marathon in Savannah in November. Running the Half with my dad. Better get started.

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Denise Punger MD IBCLC said...

I've been heavy with juicing apples & cucumbers with beets, lemons and other veggies. I came to your blog for inspiration to see what else you juiced during this time. (I've been eating though, too, just cramming juice down.) Good job or your juicing!