Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I've Caved

I'm drinking coffee! And I nibbled on the kids' popcorn today. Literally 5 pieces, maybe. I'm still drinking the juice and I'm not hungry or I might have moved on to a proper meal by now. 2 days of fasting has shrunk my stomach? Cool. Fine by me. So I am having water, juice, and coffee so far all day. And I love it. I feel like I'm cheating. Cuz I am. But I'm not guilty  ;) Thats the best part. That and the wee stomach.

Jason is still going strong. Here is a picture of his breakie and lunch he took with him to work today
Fresh orange juice and a green juice. He came home from work before going golfing and said he felt great. Not hungry. I'm still beyond amazed. He should never eat again, lol. He brought home 2 cantaloupes. When he gets home I'm making us a juice with those plus oranges and perhaps carrots or beets, since technically we're supposed to have more veggies than fruits. We are impressed with our bodies ability to utilize the juice, especially Jason's. His is handling it well. Mine is like, "fine, you want to detox, I'm giving you a headache then". I think my headaches are from caffeine withdrawals. Obviously, since my coffee binge today has meant no headache. I think I'm ok with a caffeine addiction. I LOVE unsweet tea. I drink it all day, or water. After coffee. So there it is- I have a caffeine addiction. At least its not addicted to coca cola. I can live with this.

This morning I assumed I was also "addicted" to food (the documentary talks a lot about this). But I see now its just the caffeine, lol. I'm ok with not eating food at the moment. But come 4 oclock.... I'll see how I am today! We dont really go anywhere now that we're not eating. I mean, what could we possibly do that doesnt start and stop with food and drink? Sure, there are things, but most things involved enjoying food/drinks while doing it. Thats where its hard.

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