Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 2

Didnt crash til later in the day today. Woke up feeling great, energized. No coffee required (I cant wait to have coffee again. My fav part of the day). It lasted until about 4. I'm finished now. Ready to go to sleep so I cant think about food any longer.

Jason took a cold thermos full of tomato juice to work today. Said he is done with it, cant have tomatoes any longer. He informs me that its hard to do this while working-- he passes so many fast food restaurants each day. He's still not hungry but agrees the evenings/dinnertime are the worst. Apparently the fast is giving him nightmares. I'll spare you the details of his "first gay dream" he's ever had. "Very life like" he says....
The pulp leftover from juicing is an absurd amount- 2 grocery bags full, the bags from Publix. 2 of those bags go to the compost each day. Thats why juicing is so good for your body---> its cramming 2 grocery bags full of veggies you cant possible otherwise eat into your system.

I'm trying convince Jason about 6 times now to lets go out to dinner. He keeps turning me down. I am so hungry! He says he wont quit, especially now that we've told people we're doing it. I've told people too; I'm blogging about it! But it wont bother me much to log on tomorrow and say I ate grilled salmon and potatoes. Thats what I happen to be thinking about at this moment. Sometimes its cheeseburgers. Tuna sandwich. The kids' oatmeal they're eating.

Some advise Dr P gives to breastfeeding mothers that I've adopted as my mantra (one of many) for this fast: Take it one day at a time. If I find myself counting the days until Friday, or saying that I have to do the 10 day fast, I feel hopeless. So I think, "just get through tonight and see how you feel in the morning". The outlook in the morning is always fresh and new and promising.

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