Sunday, May 6, 2012

Not so cheery now!

Im fat sick and nearly dead.

When I finish typing this with the computer screens backlight glaring into my eyeballs worsening my juice headache I'm going to lay down again and continue to detox. I am literally imagining toxins leaving my body. Through my head since thats where the pain is.
I'm not thirsty, but making myself drink water now that I realize its the only cure for the headache. But I'm not thirsty. Thats hard.

Muscle fatigue. Which I wouldnt mind except I have to entertain 2 screaming toddlers and feed them. I'd rather lay down and detox some more. But I cant.

Leaving the house is pointless. Where should we go thats not centered around food? That doesnt end at a restaurant or bar? No where, right. So lets just stay home.

The juices are yummy. Love a tomato one with pepper and garlic salt. I was hungry this afternoon but just sat and thought about all the garbage I'd been eating and sat in my misery because I deserved it.

I'm feeling ok now! It was just that mid afternoon point where I knew the day was still 4 hours from being over with (4 hours from putting the kids to bed)! I'm blogging and headachy and ready to lay down, close my eyes, and think about how much my body should thank me for giving it a digestion break for a few days. Or 10. Or 3.

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