Wednesday, May 9, 2012

On to Day 4

My good friend Tangie who lent me the juicer said she once juiced for 4 days and I had to at least beat her record. Didnt think I'd make it but here it is, Day 4 and I'm sipping a fresh cold tomato juice right now.
Jason and I just cant believe it. Our bodies, which love beers and fast food (and healthy food cooked at home!), are enjoying the break from digestion and riding the wave which is a nutritious diet. First in my life, really. We are still juicing 100% on Day 4 and thats all that really matters.

Did I mention how I'm still breastfeeding Lachlan and he's getting all these fruits and veggies too? Through my breastmilk, obviously (although the kiddies do like to sip mommy & daddy's drinks as well). There is controversy about the toxins my body is releasing going into my breastmilk and into him, but I choose to believe that a woman's body would never betray her offspring like that. And to quote my fav Dr (Dr Punger!)--- "I dont believe in toxic breastmilk. What about the crap you were eating before you started the fast?" Yes, she said 'crap'. And she's right. I dont think the toxins in McDonalds and processed foods are the right things for him either. So I kept on fasting, even though that was an easy out for me; Jason even gave me the go-ahead to quit since weaning Lachlan wasnt the answer either. After more professional, positive [non-scary-Google] insights including "Drinking lots of water will dilute toxins and flush your system faster" from a massage therapist, I chose to still fast.

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