Friday, May 11, 2012

ETSY and Lachy-isms

Ok, I always have a lot of drama going on at my ETSY site (good stuff mainly) and no one to release this drama TO. A couple good friends will listen to the latest, and Jason gets it, but none of them have a site and understand the complexities and frustrations.

I sell here and absolutely love it. I have over 100 sales now since I began  ;)

What irks me today is how slow business has been. Low and behold, ETSY stopped my advertising without tell me! Perhaps they emailed me, but I dont check that email since its overloaded with other ETSY stuff. Point is, as soon as I got the ads back, the business started rolling again. Still, I looooove ETSY.

On a side note, when Lachlan finds little bits of tissue or a napkin lying around, he puts it to his nose and makes noises into it. Hehehe, just like his momma. He must think I'm crazy, blowing my nose all the time (I have terrible allergies and sinus issues).

When I make popcorn I dont even bother to worry about the mess it'll make (I've relocated meals outdoors for this purpose! It is AWESOME! We'll never eat inside again!). I set the metal bowl in the middle of the living room floor and the kids go at it. We have a cool cordless Shark vacuum so when the kids are starting to fight over the bowl only or tip its contents upside down, I take the bowl away and vacuum it up in a jif. Before I got to the vacuum though, Lachlan went into my kitchen and grabbed a handtowel. He took it to the pile of popcorn and started wiping away at it on the floor. SO FREAKIN CUTE! I praised him for helping mommy cleanup and probably blew raspberries on his fat tummy.

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dany said...

:) ruby tried to throw away her dirty diaper (all folded up - thank goodness!) this week. such a good helper! oh, and we have a shark, too. that this is so helpful!